American Soldiers

November 17, 2007

I encourage you to take a few moments this next week to think about our American Soldiers.  It doesn’t matter what you think of the war we are waging.  Our troops are out there doing their job and deserve our love and support.  A good friend of mine just sent me this and I think it is a wonderful idea!  You can send cards to recovering soldiers at this address:

         A Recovering American Soldier
         c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
         6900 Georgia Avenue NW
         Washington DC   20307-5001

Let them know that we appreciate and support them and hold them in our thoughts and hearts as they recover. 

My older step-brothers fought in Viet Nam and I know how much little things, even cards from strangers, really mean.  Please take time to write down this address and be sure to pass it on to others that you would normally email — or add it to your own blog.  Let’s flood them with love, support and thanksgiving.

Cheryl A. Harless
Owner, CH Enterprises
Get Out of the Office and Back to the Barn


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