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Missing My Muse

December 31, 2007

I’ve been in a real funk.  You know that place where we all end up from time to time with no creative juices flowing.  My muse has taken a vacation and I am finding it difficult to put pen to pad.  I’ve had some rather large personal issues that have taken the forefront in my life and then inconveniently contracted the flu as well.  We’ve all been there.  In our 9-5 business days we would pick ourselves up and trudge off to work.  We would share our sniffles and sneezes with co-workers and then commiserate about the lousy working conditions and sick leave policy!  But independent business owners working from home often find it easier to do other things.  Like stay in bed days beyond what would have been acceptable when we were working for someone else.  We put things on the back burner because who is gonna get on our case? – One of the perks of being the boss!

I’ve found that the best thing to keep me on track is to have a schedule of simple things that I can do even when I am feeling awful.  These things keep my mind in and on business just enough that I don’t stray too far.  For me it is checking my email about 3 times a day and checking in with colleagues to read forums at least once a day.  It’s not a “Must read every email and post” sort of thing.  More like keeping a pulse of what is going on.  Short of being passed out, running a high fever or having a severe (praying to the porcelain god) migraine I can do that!  And since there is almost always something amusing shared, it lifts my spirits as well. 

I also know that when I am not feeling well I am not going to be putting my best foot forward.  I am learning that being picture perfect is not always as important as getting the job done.  This one is a tough one for me because I am more critical of my own work when I am not feeling well.  Learning to do it and let go can be an up hill battle, but an important one.

And finally, KNOWING what can sit on the back burner.  And then knowing when to pick it up and trudge through, even if you don’t have your muse to assist you.  Sometimes just doing it is enough.