Gary the Gizmo Guru

January 13, 2008

Gary was the Gizmo Guru. He even had the awards and accolades to prove it!  Twenty years of working in the Gizmo and Gadget industry had given him the skills and industry knowledge to sell Gizmos better than anybody. The problem was Godfrey’s Gizmos & Gadgets wanted him to sell an equal number of Gadgets. And he hated Gadgets! 

So Gary took some Business courses and opened up Gary’s Gizmos working from his home office. He had a few contacts, but was busy making more every day. Gary knew that relationships were the key to selling Gizmos. Gary wore all the hats. He was the Marketing Exec, the Bookkeeper, even his own IT guy and he did all the administrative stuff too. Gary really began to miss Gidget, the sales team Administrative Assistant. He had never truly appreciated all the hard work she had put into keeping him organized and on track. He thought, “well I can find my own Administrative Assistant to work for me.” 

He remembered his business courses told him about hiring employees. He went back to his books and looked up the chapter on Employees which referred him to the IRS and his state’s web sites. He was dismayed to learn that the cost of hiring an employee was far more than just the employee’s salary. There was insurance, taxes, and more that nearly quadrupled what he thought an employee would be paid. And when he learned that highly skilled Administrative Assistants were paid far above minimum wage, he knew he couldn’t go that route. As he looked around his small office he thought “and where would I put her?”

It was getting late, and he still didn’t have anything in the house to fix for dinner. He headed off to the store to pick up a few groceries and promised himself he would take a look and see what else was out there on the internet. Surely someone had come up with a solution for the solo-prenuer.

As he was picking up a tomato from the produce department he heard a cheery voice behind him say, “Gary, is that you? How’s the Gizmo gig going?”  It was none other than Gidget! 

“I was just thinking about you,” Gary said, “and before you say anything else, I want you to know how much I appreciated all you used to do. I never appreciated it until I had to do it all myself!” 

Gidget blushed and laughed, thanking him for the compliment.

Gary went on to tell her about his latest dilemma about finding someone to take on his Administrative tasks so he could focus more on selling.

Gidget couldn’t believe what she was hearing!  She told Gary about a group of individuals that call themselves Virtual Assistants or VAs. She told him they are highly skilled Administrative Professionals that work with small business owners like Gary to help take care of the Admin stuff so they could spend more time on things that bring in money. She admitted to him that she was looking into starting her own VA Business and quitting her job at Godfrey’s. But not until after her 2 year anniversary. She would be vested in her 401K and would be able to take that money with her when she left!

Gidget told Gary about a wonderful group of individuals at the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce (VACOC). She had checked out the site herself, purchased a few forms and read everything she could find on the industry. She knew that the VACOC had a directory where Gary could find the perfect guy or gal for Gary’s Gizmos.

Gary was so happy he picked up Gidget in a bear hug. She had provided him with exactly what he needed, when he needed it. He thanked her and rushed to the checkout so he could look up this new industry, Virtual Assistance. He just knew this was the solution he was looking for! 

Okay, it’s a little corny, but if this sounds like a scenario you’ve played out in your business, it really is time to see if a Virtual Assistant is for you!



  1. Love the blog. I do not find it corny. This is not the exact scenario that brought in my first client, but it is very similar. Some small businesses truly need the helping hands of a VA. Thanks Cheryl.

  2. What a wonderful blog! You have a gift for telling a story and for making it believable!

    Is it generating any interest or comments?

    thanks, Sheila

  3. Well, 2 so far 😉

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